Sunday, July 29, 2012

Uni keeps quiet on claim of warning by massacre suspect l Livejournal | RedGage

AURORA, Colorado: University of Colorado officials have faced questions about whether the suspect in last week's shooting rampage tried to warn a psychiatrist about his plan up to a week before the incident.
The questions arose after Fox News reported that the shooting suspect, James Holmes, a graduate student, had posted to a university psychiatrist a detailed journal that foreshadowed a gun-blazing massacre - in a package that was not opened before the killings.
University officials declined to provide details about a package seized from the campus by police on Monday, other than to say that campus mail was delivered promptly and no parcels would sit for a week in the university's mail room.
On Wednesday The Denver Post quoted an unidentified law-enforcement official as confirming that Mr Holmes had mailed a notebook to the psychiatrist. The official told the paper he did not know what it contained.

University officials and representatives for local and federal law enforcement agencies did not dispute the reports of Mr Holmes's journal. They said a judge's order prevented them discussing the investigation.
''We are not allowed to discuss anything,'' said an Aurora police spokesman, Frank Fania.
Phone calls to the university psychiatric clinic were directed to a university spokeswoman, Jacque Montgomery, who declined to discuss the package or the identity of the sender.
The university has confirmed that two buildings on campus had been evacuated on Monday in a search involving two suspicious packages.
Early on Monday investigators using robots and bomb-sniffing dogs searched the main campus administration building for more than four hours after a package had been discovered slipped under the door of a faculty member.
This building houses the medical school, public health school and the outpatient psychiatric clinic.
Later that day, the university said, another suspicious package arrived through the central mail system at the campus services building, which was then evacuated and searched.
In both cases, officials said at the time, the packages posed no threat to safety on campus.
But the Fox News report said the search yielded Mr Holmes's journal, which contained sketches of stick-figure attackers carrying guns and mowing down other stick people with a hail of bullets.
The sources cited by Fox said the package with the journal had been sent to the mail room on July 12, eight days before the rampage Holmes is accused of at the Aurora Century 16 movie theatre. The attack left 12 dead and dozens injured.
The Denver Post quoted university officials as saying one of the suspicious packages investigated on Monday had been delivered to campus by the US Postal Service on the same day.
Mr Holmes's mother has confided deep concerns about her son's isolation over the years and sought counselling for him, family friends have told The Denver Post.
The university said on Wednesday that all mail received from the US Postal Service was delivered promptly to the intended recipient once it arrived in the campus mail room.

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