Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pak embassy provides career counselling to students l Livejournal | RedGage

Pakistan ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan has extended career-counselling for the brightest of Pakistani students reserving first working day of the month for an advisory chat over a cup of tea.
He made the announcement while addressing a ceremony organised at the embassy on Monday to present commendation certificates to 32 bright young UAE-based Pakistani students enrolled in various schools in the UAE, who clinched top positions in the Islamabad board’s matric exams and Cambridge exams held in the country.
The ceremony drew a jolly crowd comprising students, proud teachers and happy parents.
Khan, who is the patron-in-chief of all Pakistani schools in the UAE, congratulated the high scorers for bringing joy and pride to the community and the nation and praised the parents and teachers for providing the enabling environment for the young minds to excel.
The envoy cited examples from South Korea and recalled how enhanced school enrolment in the country led to the making of knowledge economy with higher per capita output. “Knowledge economies all over the world are propelled forward by their brightest, like the ones we have in our midst today,” Khan added.
He termed education as the best remedy to cure the menace of extremism and terrorism, plaguing the world peace and security.

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